UC Berkeley Black Graduation Keynote


His Topics Include:
*The Significance Of Emotional Mastery
*The Power of the Human Will
*How To Not Live A Default Life
*Finding Purpose
*Message to the Masses

*Are You Better Than A Butterfly

*African History
*African-American History
*Maat Maafa Sankofa
(How to Regain the Legacy)
*Understanding Today's Young People
*How to Love Self

Baayan Bakari has presented lectures to a multiplicity of audiences around the United States. He has been invited to speak at Stanford University, Medgar Evers College in New York, Tuskegee University in Alabama, the public school district in Omaha, Nebraska, U.C. Berkeley, the NAACP in Monterey, CA and many others. His lectures, workshops and talks are variations of the same message: We as human beings have the unique ability to use our conscious will to change our attitude and perspective and must do so in order to transform our world for the better.



baayan bakariEDUCATOR


Baayan Bakari, also known as Brother Baayan, has been an educator within the comminuty for over 20 years. He is currently an educational consultant with the Oakland Unified School District's Office of African American Male Achievement. He has written over 7 University of California approved courses and provided curriculum and professional development for facilitators within the district. He was a classroom teacher for over six years at a school in the heart of East Oakland. In 1996 he won an Echoing Green Fellowship to begin the Amafula Manhood Training curriculum, which later developed into the Khepera Curriculum. The Khepera Curriculum has been independently evaluated by researchers from San Francisco State University and UC Berkeley and found to reduce youth delinquency and improve self-esteem. 



khepera brochureThe goal of the Khepera Curriculum is to open up the world to these youth, to move them towards achieving their full potential both socially, academically and in their lives more broadly. The Khepera Curriculum is available for licensing and usage. 


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